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Data Quality

1. Remote Access Application

1.1. TeamViewer Application

This free application can be used a tool to connect to another person's computer remotely.  It it compatible with Windows and Apple OS


For more information about the application or the company go to

2. Timeliness of Data

2.1. Desk Time Report

In the Data Quality Standards, the timeliness standards for data entry are clearly laid out as follows: 

  • From the day the client enters your program, the agency has five days to get the client entered into HMIS.
  • From the day the case manager learns of a change in circumstance (increase/decrease in income, non-cash, or health insurance or other change) the agency has five days to get the interim¬†entered into HMIS.
  • From the day the client exits your program, the agency has five days to exit the client in HMIS.

This report only looks at the span of time between the Client's Entry Date and the date their Entry/Exit was entered into HMIS. Though it is equally important that clients are exited within 5 days, ServicePoint does not currently have a way of tracking that. Generally it is the "median" that is used in performance measures.

To run this report, you must have an ART license.

Public > Balance of State HMIS > Data Quality and Performance > Monthly > "Desk Time".

Users can select multiple providers. Use a date range of a year ago to the current date. The report will show stats for each provider selected. See below:

3. How to Make Corrections

3.1. SSVF/RHY Client ID Lookup

Open SSVF/RHY Client from Internal Clarity ID

You must already be logged Clarity. Enter an ID and click Submit. This will open the client record in a new tab and leave this tab open.

Input Client ID from repository/CSV report (it will be numbers only)

3.2. I Entered a Client into the Wrong Provider!

See the page on EDA for information about Enter Data As and why it is so important to enter your data under the correct provider and how to be sure you are avoiding this problem in the future.

To Correct:

  1. Click Enter Data As and choose the provider that the household should have been entered under.
  2. Open the client record, click their Entry pencil
  3. Click Save & Continue button.
  4. Change the Provider Name to the correct Provider and click "Update".
  5. Then Save & Exit
  6. Go to the ROI and just switch the provider name. 
Delete all services and needs (if applicable)
  1. Go to the Service Transactions tab,
  2. Click View Entire Service History,
  3. Click the Needs tab. Write down and then delete any services you created by clicking all the trash cans next to the Needs. In order to delete all the needs for each household member, click the "Switch to Another Household Member" dropdown just above all the tabs, choose a different household member, then click Submit. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 until all the Needs have been deleted from all the household members.

3.3. I need to move an Entry Date back in time. How do I do that without losing my assessment data?

When a user creates an Entry Exit and saves Assessment data, that Assessment data is only attached to that program stay by its Effective Date which is saved to each data element to match the Entry Date. When you move an Entry Date back in time, those Effective Dates on the assessment data remain unchanged, thus breaking the connection between that assessment data and the Entry. This is why when you move an Entry Date back in time and go to view your Assessment data through the Entry pencil, all the data seems to have disappeared. (It is still there, it's just dated incorrectly.)

If you need to move an Entry Date back in time, follow these instructions.

1. Run the "Client Data at Entry" report in ART. If you don't have ART, ask the user at your agency with an ART license to run it for you.

  • Click ART: Connected at the top corner of ServicePoint.
  • Click the triangles next to Public > Balance of State HMIS > As Needed and Custom Reports.
  • Click the magnifying glass on the "Client Data at Entry" report and click "View".
  • Enter the provider and Client ID into the prompt. You can only run this report on one client at a time. It runs quickly.
  • Export the report either to Excel or .pdf. 
  • For help using ART, refer to the links below.

2. Make corrections in ServicePoint.

  • Log into ServicePoint.
  • Open the client record and click their Entry pencil.
  • Move the Entry Date to the correct date, click Save & Continue.
  • The assessment data will have disappeared. Re-enter all the data from your copy of the "Client Data at Entry" report that was run on the client you are correcting. 
  • Destroy or store in a locked and secure location the paper or digital copy of the assessment data.