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2021 Annual Renewal

This book outlines the process and forms for completing the required annual Privacy and Security training as well as Agency and Agency Administrator and End User Agreements.

1. 2021 Annual Renewal Instructions

1.1. 2021 Annual Renewal Instructions

Hello HMIS Users,

The HMIS team plans to conduct annual renewal in a new way this year. HMIS Users trained in 2020 and prior will be asked to complete annual renewal in the . We will stagger annual renewal based on the month that your HMIS account was created. You do not need to know the date your account was created. We will be sending emails out between now and November to let you know when it’s your time to renew.

New HMIS Users trained after January 1, 2021 will not need to complete annual renewal until 2022 and can disregard this message.

Please keep an eye out for emails from COHHIO If you have never logged into the COHHIO eLearning Center before, you should receive two emails. One email will contain a link with information for setting up your account and the other will be an invitation to the course called HMIS User Licensing.

The HMIS User Licensing course will provide a review of the HMIS Policies and Procedures Manual, the HMIS Data Quality Standards, and the brief HMIS Privacy and Security video. HMIS Users will be asked to take the quiz and pass with 80%. As before, HMIS Users will have 3 chances to pass the quiz before being locked out. If you are locked out, please alert the HMIS Help Desk at

After completing the course, you will not need to contact the HMIS Help Desk or staff as done in previous years. The eLearning system will alert us when you complete the course.

As always, please email with any questions.

Thank you!