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6.3. The Entry/Exit Report

The Entry/Exit report is an old report that is largely obsolete, but still useful in certain situations. Unlike any ART reports, the Entry Exit report can be used to verify that changes made during the current day are affecting the data. Its limitations are in the way it counts households (which does not follow the way the current CoC APRs count them) and many of the other sections are simply outdated and not typically used.

The things the Entry Exit Report can answer accurately are:

  1. How many clients were in the program during the date range (must be calculated by hand though!)
  2. How many are leavers and how many are stayers.
  3. How many clients are in the program currently (must be run with matching start and end dates.)

HOW TO RUN THE "Entry/Exit Report":

  1. Log in to ServicePoint.
  2. Verify your Enter Data As (EDA) provider name.  It should be the name of the program the report is being run on.
  3. Click on the black triangle in front of the Reports link in the left sidebar.
  4. Click on "Entry/Exit Report". ServicePoint will display the Entry/Exit Report Options.
    Entry Exit report prompts
  5. Answer the prompts using the guidance below.
    • Reporting Group should be left blank.
    • Provider is defaulted to the provider name set in the Enter Data As. If it is not displaying the correct provider, go back to Step 2.
    • Leave "This Provider ONLY" and "Use client unique id for duplicate checks" as it is.
    • Program Date Range consists of the reporting period's start and end dates.
    • Legal Adult Age should be left at 18.
    • Leave "Use pre-HPRP logic" unchecked.
    • Entry/Exit Type will likely be either HUD or VA.
    • Click the Build Report button.

The report results will load at the bottom of the window. Similar to the APR, the report is divided into Questions, beginning with Question 2. Most of what you will find useful in this report is in Question 2.
q2 ee report

The way to calculate the total clients in the date range is to add the numbers in the first three columns of rows 2a and 2b together. This is a total of six cells.

To view which client IDs are being included in the aggregate counts, click on the hyper-linked numbers. The image below shows the window that appears when the "2" in the first column of 2b is clicked. The clients showing are test clients. Clicking the magnifying glass will show the Entry Exits for that client.

While the Entry Exit Report is mostly obsolete, there are some advantages to using it, not the least of which is all users, even those without ART licenses, can use it, and it reports on live data. This report is no longer supported by Bowman, but we still recommend using it for the very basic purposes listed above.

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