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3.2. I Entered a Client into the Wrong Provider!

See the page on EDA for information about Enter Data As and why it is so important to enter your data under the correct provider and how to be sure you are avoiding this problem in the future.

To Correct:

  1. Click Enter Data As and choose the provider that the household should have been entered under.
  2. Open the client record, click their Entry pencil
  3. Click Save & Continue button.
  4. Change the Provider Name to the correct Provider and click "Update".
  5. Then Save & Exit
  6. Go to the ROI and just switch the provider name. 
Delete all services and needs (if applicable)
  1. Go to the Service Transactions tab,
  2. Click View Entire Service History,
  3. Click the Needs tab. Write down and then delete any services you created by clicking all the trash cans next to the Needs. In order to delete all the needs for each household member, click the "Switch to Another Household Member" dropdown just above all the tabs, choose a different household member, then click Submit. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 until all the Needs have been deleted from all the household members.

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