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6.2. Running the ESG CAPER (HUD)

This guide provides step-by-step details on how to run the ESG CAPER for HUD.

  1. Login to ServicePoint.
  2. Verify your Enter Data As (EDA) provider name.  It should be the name of the program the report is being run on.
  3. Click on Reports button in the left sidebar.
  4. Click on "ESG CAPER". ServicePoint will display the ESG CAPER Report Options.
  5. Answer the prompts using the guidance below.
    1. Provider Type should remain defaulted to "Provider".
    2. Provider is defaulted to the provider name set in the Enter Data As. If it is not displaying the correct provider, go back to Step 2.
    3. Program Date Range consists of the reporting period's start and end dates.
    4. Entry/Exit Types  Check HUD unless you use another Entry Exit Type for the provider you are running the report on.
    5. Click the Build Report button.
    6. Keep running the report until you feel the data is accurate, then click Download.

The report results will load at the bottom of the window. To view which client IDs are being included in the aggregate counts, click on the hyperlinked numbers.


Prior to submitting your ESG CAPER, you should be sure that all clients have been entered into HMIS, then run your Data Quality report and be sure it is clean. If you have done this and still find some of the issues shown below, please let us know so we can help you.

Figure 1 shows the first two sections of the report. Verify the organization name is correct, then check 5a for missing data. If you find missing data here that did not show on your Data Quality report, please let us know.

Sections 4a and 4b

Figure 2 shows sections 6 and 7a. Check that 6a 11. + 6a 12. = the Total in 7a. Also that the Total Persons Served matches from 6a to 6b. If not and your Data Quality report looks fine, please let us know. Also check that the numbers look accurate to you.

Sections 6 and 7a


 Figure 3 shows Section 22. It is very important that all clients who are not in your project are exited promptly. So check the Stayers column to be sure those clients were actually still in your project on the Report End Date. Section 22c only applies to RRH projects but is very important as well, because it answers the question how "rapidly" your RRH is housing clients. The Data Quality report has a section that checks this data, so if you have run that report and this still doesn't look good, please let us know.

Section 22

As other things come to our attention that should be checked, we will update this page with information on what else to look for.

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