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1.1. RmCloud - Updating Rminor & RminorElevated

The Rminor & Rminor_elevated apps can be updated with an adjacent app on RmCloud

Until we have a working HUD CSV Export that can be fetching from Clarity programmatically, this app will require the HUD CSV Export from the Clarity UI. It can be retrieved as follows:

  1. Launchpad > Reports > Administrator Reports > [HUDX-111-AD] HUD CSV / XML Program Data Export [FY 2022]
  2. The report should be configured as follows - updating the end date to the current date, and the start date to January 1st of 2 years prior to the current year.
  3. The report takes approximately 8 minutes to complete, and will show in the report queue icon next to the Launchpad as a red notification with the number 1 (or whatever number it is in the report queue) when it completes. Once complete, click the report queue, and the Open button next to the HUD CSV Export report. The report will download.

This report will be provided to RmCloud.

  1. Navigate to RmCloud 
  2. In the "Zip with Export CSVs" file input, browse to the recently downloaded HUD CSV Export and upload it. 
  3. Once the file has uploaded, click Run All. The console should show the progress of the update run.
  4. This will take anywhere from 30m - 1hr to run. The console will show a success message and the time elapsed when the process has completed. 
  5. Navigate to the Rminor_elevated & Rminor to initiate the download of the newly created dependencies to the app. The app will load for longer than usual while this process completes. 
  6. Once the apps display, the Last Updated date on the badge in the lower left of the menu bar should be green and will display a time within the current day.

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Accessing R minor and R minor elevated