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2.6. Diversion Workflow 2019 - Service Transaction Model

Diversion 2.0 HMIS Workflow (using Service Transactions)
for Ohio Balance of State Providers
Task   Steps

1. Login  

a. In your web browser go to 

b. Enter username and password.

c. This workflow is ONLY for clients who have been DIVERTED and did not enter the homeless system.

d. Click Enter Data As and pick the Access Point (AP) provider for your agency.

e. Check System & Agency News (Home Page Dashboard) for important updates.
2. Create Client Profile

a. Click ClientPoint in the left sidebar. 

b. Search for the head of household in the database. If no one matches, add in the Name Data Quality, SSN, SSN Data Quality, and Veteran Status, and click Add Client With This Information. If there is a match, select (🖉) the client. Do not create a household or add household members.

c. Write Client ID on form. 
3. ROI    

a. Click Add ROI in the ROI dashlet.

b. Release Granted = "Yes"

c. Start Date should be the same as the date of Diversion. End Date should be set to a year out from the Start Date. 

d. Set the Documentation to "Signed Statement from Client" or "Verbal Consent."  Click Save Release of Information. 
4. Record the Diversion Service Transaction

a. Click Add Service from the Services dashlet.  (You must use Add Service, not Add Multiple Services)

b. Select "Homeless Diversion Programs" for Service Type.

c. In the Provider Specific Service, select the service that was provided to assist the client in being diverted.

d. Click Save & Continue to open the rest of the Service Transaction worksheet. 

e. Fill in the Date of Birth and Type, Number in Household (total persons), Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Residence Prior, and Destination fields.

f. Skip down to Need Information and select Need Status = "Closed" and Outcome of Need = "Fully Met"

g. Click Save & Exit to save the Diversion.


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