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4.1. Homeless Veterans Active List Report

Executive Summary: The Homeless Veterans Active List Report can be run by users with an ART license. It is based on an ART report originally built by the Institute for Community Alliances for use by their CoC in Iowa. Our approach was based on the Criteria and Benchmarks for Achieving the Goal of Ending Veteran Homelessness as released by the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH). It has been adapted to fit the workflow and needs of the Ohio Balance of State CoC.

Purpose: This report's main functions are to serve as an Active List for those providers responsible for housing Veterans in the Ohio Balance of State and to keep an up to date account of how we are doing in regards to meeting the Benchmarks as set forth in the USICH guidance.

Frequency: As often as necessary to get Veterans in the Ohio Balance of State housed as quickly as possible.

Compatibility and system requirements: This version of the report requires ServicePoint 5x and ART 3x.

Prerequisites and workflow requirements:

  1. All households have exactly one Head of Household designated in the "Relationship to Head of Household" field inside the assessment (not the one in the Households section!)
  2. All Duplicate Entry Exits should be corrected.
  3. All Housing Move In Dates should be entered correctly (if applicable) into each household member's assessment for ALL RRH clients and for PSH clients with Entry Dates on or after 10/1/2017.
  4. All Heads of Household have a Date Veteran Identified date, their Offers of permanent housing are being recorded, and the other HMIS questions inside the Veterans assessment are being answered completely and correctly and in a timely manner.
  5. All Veterans entered into the Unsheltered Provider are entered correctly and with the correct County in Which Client is being Served.


  1. The report is located in ART. Navigate to the Public Folder > Balance of State > As Needed and Custom Reports > Veteran Reports > Ohio BoSCoC Homeless Veterans Active List.
  2. Click the magnifying glass.
  3. Choose View Report.
  4. Change your Effective Date to today's date. (This is important!)
  5. Click Run Query.
  6. Save report to either Excel or .pdf if desired.


The following will cycle through each tab in the Veterans report. These may change as our process is refined and improved.


The first tab gives a summary of how many Veterans are on the Active List and what the inflow/outflow is looking like there, plus how many Veterans are Currently Homeless, and how many chronic and long-term Veterans are currently homeless and finally, how many of those homeless Veterans have not yet received offers of permanent housing.

As stated in the footer of this tab, the Veteran Active List includes Veterans who are either currently homeless or who have exited to a non-permanent Destination in the past 90 days.

Veterans who are either currently homeless or who have exited to a non-permanent Destination in the past 90 days.


The Benchmarks tab shows each benchmark (A D) as defined by USICH and where we are on each one, as a CoC. It is very important that all Veteran HMIS data is entered promptly and maintained throughout a household's homeless crisis. Any Offers of permanent housing that are declined, exits to permanent housing, chronic status greatly affect the overall data and whether or not we are meeting the goals.


The Destinations tab breaks down what Veteran Destinations are looking like at the provider level and as a system.

Provider Report

The Provider Report groups households who are CURRENTLY homeless by Responsible Provider. Any clients in the Unsheltered Provider will show in the appropriate Responsible Provider based on the County in Which Client is Served field.

You can see how it is grouped by the Responsible Provider (Salvation Army of Central Ohio) and then by the individual provider, and if they're Unsheltered, they are listed together by County. This tab only reports those Veterans who are CURRENTLY homeless and have not Declined their most recent Offer of permanent housing.

Veteran By Name List

This tab is the one that is meant to replace the large spreadsheet we used in the online shared spreadsheet. We never kept actual names on our By Name List, and this one is no different. It is expected that this particular report is downloaded to Excel for filtering and further analysis. It includes all Veterans who are on the ACTIVE list. If they are not currently homeless, then they must have exited to a non-permanent Destination in the past 90 days.

Chronic and Long Term Veterans

This tab just lists all Chronic and Long Term Veterans all together in one list, ranked by how long they've been homeless.

Housed and May Need an Exit

The following tab shows cases where a Veteran may be showing as being in an Emergency Shelter, but they have a Housing Move In Date in a Rapid Rehousing or Permanent Supportive Housing project.

You can see in the example above where this client entered an Emergency Shelter in February and did not exit yet, however they also have an Entry into a Rapid Rehousing project where it shows that they were housed in March. They cannot be at the shelter AND be housed in Rapid Rehousing, so one of these data are wrong. (Either they didn't actually get housed by Rapid Rehousing yet or they exited the Shelter and the Exit Date and such just hasn't been updated yet.)

Data Quality Missing Date Veteran Identified

This tab is an unashamed Data Quality tab simply meant to show which Veterans are missing their Date Veteran Identified in the Veterans assessment.


This tab shows all Offers made to all Veterans on the Active List.

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