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3.1. Standard 2C - Available Housing List

To view available housing by county or region, you can run the Available Housing List report in ART>Public Folder>As Needed and Custom.

Click the magnifying glass to the left of the report name, then View Report. This report can be run by region, by county, or on a selection of counties.

Because this report is run in real time (the area's current inventory as of today), there is no need to select a date range. Once you have the area on which you want to run the report in the correct prompt box, click Run Query.

The report has two tabs, the Housing List tab and the Raw Data tab. The Housing List tab lists all projects in the region by county. Projects highlighted in yellow do not participate in HMIS, meaning that referrals to those projects must be made outside of HMIS.

The Raw Data tab contains an alphabetical listing of all the projects that pulled into the report including any Bed Inventory and Target Populations recorded. In the Bed Inventory column, the suffix -i indicates individual beds, -f indicates family beds, and -u indicates units.

So in the example above, our records indicate that Clem House has eight individual beds, while My Sister's Place has two individual beds as well as two units with eight family beds.

The Subpops and Target Pop columns indicate any recorded subpopulations or target populations for each project.

In the example above, our records indicate that the RHY BCPes project has five beds for individuals under 18, while the PSH and TH have nine and six beds for TAY aged 18-24, respectively.

It is the responsibility of the Coordinated Entry Liaison for each Region to maintain the Available Housing List (AHL) as outlined in the Region's CE plan, so if you notice an error please notify them.

If you have any questions about the report email

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