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4.2. Standard 3A Detail - What is a VSP?

VSP stands for Victims Service Providers. This acronym is used to describe agencies whose primary function is to serve survivors of family violence. Many of these agencies receive funds authorized by the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and are thus subject to the statutes of that law, including a prohibition against entering data in HMIS (even if that agency also receives HUD funds).

HUD requires that Coordinated Entry (CE) systems include a process to accept referrals from VSPs. Documenting these referrals is different than documenting those from other non-participating providers because it is important to protect the anonymity of the client served by the VSP. That means that instead of referring from the non-participating provider in ServicePoint, Regions must track these referrals outside of HMIS for the purposes of prioritization for available housing.

If you have any questions about how VSP referrals are being handled in your Region, contact your CE Liaison.

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