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5.1. How to Enter Households So That Your Reporting Works

To be very clear: nothing in your HMIS workflow is changing with this guidance. It is still REQUIRED to create and use households for any grouping of multiple clients that enters your project. (You still do not need to create a household for a Single.)

Did you know that since late 2014 or so, all HUD and CoC custom reporting has been ignoring most of the data that is gathered from the Households mechanism in ServicePoint (see Figure 1)? It's true! That's not to say the Households data doesn't matter, because in the workflow, it is important as a way of pulling family members into a project stay. (See Figure 2.) But further than that, the Household ID, Household Type, the "Head of Household" yes/no field, the "Relationship" field found in Figure 1, the Joined Household Date none of that matters in your reporting. If it's helpful to your data entry in any way, then by all means keep using it. It can be useful just as a visual.

Figure 1: The Household ID, Type, Head of Household, and Relationship do not land in any reporting.

Figure 2: The Households you enter DO MATTER, though! Because when it's time to create a program stay for the household, that is how you are able to pull in all the household members.

If you're trying to fix a report in regards to household issues, you should look at four things (in this order):

  1. Date of Birth of all the clients in the program stay needs to be correct.
  2. All the clients that should be in the same program stay together are in the same program stay. (See Figure 2.)
  3. All the clients in the program stay have "Relationship to Head of Household" inside the Entry Assessment answered correctly. (See Figure 3.)
  4. None of the "Relationship to Head of Household" answers have conflicting answers with the same Effective Date/Time in the History bar. (See Figure 4.)

Figure 3: This is what matters in terms of how your households are being reported in the APR, your Data Quality report, the AHAR, SPMs, etc.

Figure 4: How to check for conflicting answers in Answer History.

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