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3.1. New Project Form

The New Project Form is to be used to notify COHHIO that a new homeless dedicated project is beginning or has begun to serve clients in the Ohio Balance of State Continuum of Care (BoSCoC). For HMIS-participating new projects, the Agency Administrator should submit this form whenever a new project begins to serve clients. Non-HMIS participating projects should also submit this form when the project begins to serve clients.

Please print this form plus the HIC Verification Report, if necessary, and send to or the address listed below. Upon approval by Ohio BoSCoC staff, the HMIS team will update HMIS.

Erica Mulryan


175 S. Third Street, Suite 580

Columbus, OH 43215

For information about the HIC Verification Report and its uses, please visit

Mahoning Projects should communicate with the Mahoning CoC about project changes and additions.

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