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4.1. Mission and Purpose of the Unsheltered Provider

Since the Ohio Balance of State is 80 counties and only 4 of these counties have Street Outreach providers, that leaves the bulk of the Balance of State without a way to count or track their outreach efforts to those unsheltered clients in our CoC. There are several goals that the Balance of State is aiming to achieve that will require that we consider and include the unsheltered in our planning. Here are those goals:

Ongoing outreach we know that, regardless of what goes into HMIS, homeless services agencies and case managers are doing outreach to unsheltered clients across the Balance of State. Many agencies report having successfully outreached to those living on the streets or in the woods and getting them sheltered or housed throughout the year. The outreach process is one that is made much easier with the use of HMIS, so adding a provider into which unsheltered clients can be entered so that outreach being done is coordinated with the area providers will help with that process.

Ending Veteran homelessness  we are currently using Google docs to merge HMIS clients with the unsheltered clients and track housing plans and outreach data. We will soon be moving this process to HMIS, where the Unsheltered provider will play a key role in helping communities to use HMIS to coordinate and house all veterans in the Balance of State.

Ending Chronic homelessness we have convened a workgroup to begin the process of ending Chronic homelessness. This group will determine how to use HMIS to help counties and regions coordinate with each other toward ending Chronic homelessness in the Balance of State.

The general aim of the Unsheltered provider is to help the CoC with outreaching to those most in need. In each process above, this provider plays a role in organizing information in such a way that those with the resources to help can find those households and individuals in need of it.

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