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4.5. Desk Time Report

Executive Summary: This custom ART report has been created to measure timeliness of data entry within an organization.

Purpose: Timeliness is one of the three components of Data Quality as defined by HUD, so this is important to the overall quality of our data. The Desk Time report can be an indicator of systemic issues such as a lack of resources and capacity within an organization (not enough help), or how well the organization prioritizes and manages HMIS.

Audience: This report is intended for all Ohio Balance of State HMIS-participating projects wanting to check their progress on getting clients entered into HMIS in a timely manner. It is used in our Data Quality monitoring process and may play a small part in CoC Project Evaluation scoring in the future.

Frequency: It is recommended that projects run this monthly to check progress, unless there are significant issues, in which case it should be run more often. The HMIS Team at COHHIO will be running the Desk Time report on the entire CoC monthly and quarterly as a part of its Data Quality Monitoring process.

Compatibility and system requirements: This version of the report requires ServicePoint 5x and ART 3x.

Prerequisites and work flow requirements: Following the standard workflow for each agency's program type should yield complete and accurate data.

  Clients are included in the report if they have:

Note: One unavoidable issue with this report is that whenever a user deletes and recreates an Entry Exit, that client's "Desk Time" will be falsely inflated. It is recommended that in correcting issues, users try not to delete Entry Exits, but correct the ones that were built originally. Also, any processes that use this report for scoring projects will be using Median (not Average) so these outliers should not affect too much. (If they do, please contact us at


For basic instructions on how to use ART to run a report, click here.

  1. To run the Desk Time report, go into ART and navigate to the Public > Balance of State HMIS > Data Quality and Performance > Monthly folder.
  2. Click the magnifying glass on the "Desk Time" report.
  3. Click either View, Schedule, or Edit.
  4. Do not select an EDA Provider.
  5. On the Provider prompt, select one or more Providers.
  6. Select a date range that you would like to see. We recommend a date range of about a year, so if today is 5/5/2016, then you could make the Start Date 5/5/2015 and the End Date 5/5/2016.


On the Summary page you will see a data block that shows the Average, Median, and Max Desk Times for each provider selected. Below this, will be graphs that show the progression of desk times over time.

On the Detail page, you can find what each Desk Time was for each client entered.

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