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5.5. Current Clients Report

The Current Clients Report can be used to get a list of Client IDs who have not been exited from your program as of "yesterday". Since ART reports pull data from the most recent backup, this report will not account for changes made on the same day the report is being run. This report ranks the clients in order of how long a client has been in your program. If you need a way of checking your current clients in real time, it is recommended to use the Entry Exit Report, located in ServicePoint (not ART).

HOW TO RUN THE "Current Clients" REPORT:

  1. Log into ServicePoint and click "ART: Connected".
  2. Navigate to the report: Public > Balance of State HMIS > As Needed and Custom Reports > Current Clients.
  3. Click the magnifying glass and click View.
  4. When the prompts window comes up, all that is needed is to choose the provider(s). It is recommended that if you are associated with multiple projects, that you run this report on all the projects you are concerned about at once. For this report, it is not necessary to choose an EDA Provider.
  5. Click "Run Query".


The report is very simple, listing only the Client IDs that have no Exit Date for your program. It can be run on multiple providers, and will break out the data by each provider selected.

current clients

In the image above, you can see the redacted provider name across the top and the redacted Client IDs along with the Entry Dates and how long each client has been in your program. It also totals the number of clients for you.

If you have any questions about this report, please contact hmis@cohhio.org or call 614.280.1984 ext 23.

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