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3.5. Data Quality Reports Changelog

Version 5.9

10/13/2017: Updated to new Data Standards

  1. Fixed Residence Prior variable to check for all the new picklist values.
  2. Fixed Move-In Date to include PSH projects' data and to account for the 10/1/2017 cutoff date.
  3. Added a check that any PSH Entries prior to 10/1/2017 must equal the Move In Date.
  4. Removed the requirement to answer the other If Yes questions on Disability.

Version 5.8

9/13/2017: Updated the Missing HoH variable, also the Questionable Housing Data tab

  1. The Missing HoH variable had been looking at whether the Household was built correctly in Households AND whether the Relationship to Head of Household was correct. The only one that matters for reporting, however, is the Relationship to Head of Household, so I removed the other condition so that there would be fewer Household errors.
  2. The Questionable Housing Data wasn't looking at whether institutional stays were less than 90 days and the client was Literally Homeless prior— I fixed it so that those clients will NOT show as questionable.

Version 5.7

8/4/2017: Updated the PATH tab

  1. Made it so that the Contacts data block only checks adults and heads of household.

Version 5.6

5/4/2017: Updates to make report align more closely with the Data Quality Framework HUD released in April plus minor fixes.

  1. Moved the Duplicate Entry Exits, Questionable Housing Data, and Household tabs to the front because projects with these types of errors should fix these first.
  2. Removed RHY project data from the Income, Non-cash, and Children Only Households tabs.
  3. Adjusted Missing SSN logic to detect fake SSNs more accurately.
  4. Adjusted Missing Name logic to more closely align with the DQ Framework.
  5. Replaced the old "Duplicate Entry Exit" logic with the logic in the DQ Framework for "Project Entry" errors. (Still named the same thing, but uses more elegant coding.)
  6. Adjusted the income logic to more closely align with the DQ Framework. Still not exact.
  7. Fixed the Total Clients formula on the Additional Information tab.

Version 5.5

3/27/2016: Removed Entry Exit Type prompt, moved the date to go back to on County of Residence Prior back to April to match County Where Served's date.

Version 5.4

11/8/2016: Finishing touches to the new 2016 changes to the 2014 Data Standards

  1. Fixed some tabs where it wasn't looking at any data if it was entered since 10/1/2016. (This means you may have errors today that you didn't see yesterday.)
  2. Fixed the Domestic Violence column to catch missings for SSVF and PATH clients that entered projects since 10/1/2016 but not before.
  3. Added new SSVF data elements pertaining to the new data elements.
  4. Fixed the Disabilities tab to not pull in clients that look (and are) fine.

Version 5.3

10/16/2016: Accounting for the new 2016 changes to the 2014 Data Standards.

  1. Added logic to Residence Prior that will return "Incorrect" for any client with "Interim Housing" where the Program Type is not equal to PSH and the client has no disability.
  2. Included SSVF in data checks on disability subs, Domestic Violence, and the County fields for clients who entered on or after 10/1/2016.
  3. Removed references to Other Gender and Other Residence Prior.
  4. Added "On the night before, literally homeless?" and adjusted logic on Homeless Start Date, Times Homeless, and Months Homeless to account for Residence Prior, Program Type, and other answers to check accuracy.
  5. Added a "2016" layer to the different client groupings as to which clients need which data elements and used that to adjust which clients are being checked for what.


10/3/2016: Due to the ServicePoint upgrade, made corrections on the Data Quality - All Workflows report, Missing and DKR 1 and Questional Housing Data tabs.

  1. Bowman changed the Residence Prior picklist value for "Emergency shelter..." by adding a space so any variables with Residence Prior in it were broken.


9/29/2016: Correction on the Data Quality - All Workflows report, Disabilities tab.

  1. The number of Disabilities was not calculating correctly. Moved parenthesis in the How Many Disabilities variable and it tested accurately.

Version 5.2

8/24/2016: Inclusion of PATH data elements, County fields, change to Future EEs logic, removal of old Length of Time Homeless questions.

  1. Removed all the old Length of Time Homeless questions from the Missing & DKR2 tab.
  2. Modified the DV variable to ignore PATH clients since DV isn't required for PATH providers.
  3. Added a new tab for PATH that includes all PATH-specific data elements.
  4. Added logic to Questionable Housing Data tab that flags Street Outreach clients with a Residence Prior of anything other than "Place not meant for habitation".
  5. Added "County in which client is being served" and "County of Residence Prior" to Missing & DKR 2. For "County in which client is being served", it will only flag clients that entered on or after 5/6/2016 since that's when we added the field. For "County of Residence Prior", it will only flag clients that entered on or after 9/1 2016.
  6. Changed the logic that pulls Future Entry Exits, adding a condition that looks at if the Date Added Entry Exit is less than Entry Date.
  7. Corrected a problem on the Disabilities tab where it was not picking up all the clients with missing "If Yes" questions.
  8. Adjusted some of the header narratives to account for the fact that we have removed access to the Assessments tab.
  9. Removed text boxes in the headers that said "This report indicates a definite data quality issue." because it was confusing people. In general, if something says Missing or Incorrect, it likely needs to be corrected. If it says Questionable or DKR, it is only expected that the user look at the issue to be sure the data is correct and if not, then make corrections.


6/23/2016: Correction on the Data Quality - All Workflows report.

  1. The DV Questions column on the Missing & DKR2 tab was coded so that if the Currently Fleeing question wasn't answered, the Client ID would show in the grid, but it wasn't clear why. Adjusted the [DQ DV] formula to only check the main question, and not the "if" questions. Then coded the field to look at [DQ DV] plus the other two DQ DV variables for either Missing or Not Correct. Then created an alerter so that the text returned would make sense.


5/27/2016: Minor change to Data Quality - Services report.

  1. The client count on the Additional Information tab was incorrect. Corrected the formula.
  2. Changed the name of the report in all the footers to reflect that there is no Household data quality data in the Data Quality - Services report anymore.

Version 5.1

5/18/2016: Necessary adjustments, improvements.

  1. Renamed the reports. What was the Data Quality: Assessments and Entry Exits report is now the Data Quality - All Workflows and what was the Data Quality: Households and Services report is now the Data Quality - Services. Projects that enter Service Transactions still need to run both reports, but projects that do not enter Service Transactions can just use the Data Quality - All Workflows for a full data quality check.
  2. Added ability to run the Data Quality - Services report on multiple providers.
  3. Cut Summary tab on both reports because now that the reports can be run on multiple providers, the formulas did not return the correct numbers. Moved percentages out to each individual tab.
  4. Added three new tabs to the Data Quality - All Workflows report: Missing Head of Household, Multiple Heads of Household (new), and Children Only Households.
  5. Cut the Household tabs from the Data Quality: Households and Services report so that projects with workflows that do not include Service Transactions will only have to run one Data Quality report from now on.
  6. Adjusted some of the header narratives about the various issues.
  7. Added Adult or Child column to the relevant tabs so that users can tell if a client is an adult or child. This was a user request.
  8. Added grouping to list client IDs who are in the same household together. This was also a user request! (Thank your friendly RROhio HMIS person for #7 and for this one.)
  9. Removed Interims tab for now and made it its own report, available here: Public Folder > Balance of State HMIS > As Needed and Custom Reports > Interims. The plan is to add functionality back in later that will show "Missing Interims" as reported on the APR. Since the Interims tab as it is serves less of a data quality role, and more of a way of knowing who needs Interims, we decided it fit best in its own report under the "As Needed" folder.
  10. Cut the "Different Housing Statuses in Household" from the Data Quality - Services report because Housing Status is not collected anymore so this cannot be an issue.

Version 5.0

3/29/2016: Change to HUD's guidance on how to enter babies who are born during a program stay and other realizations.

  1. Cut "Date of Birth = Entry Date" tab because the new guidance on how to enter babies born into a program make it likely (and correct) that a client can have a Date of Birth equaling their Entry Date.
  2. Added the ability to run the Data Quality: Assessments and Entry Exits report on multiple providers.
  3. Adjusted some of the header narratives about the various issues.

Version 4.2

12/30/2014: After all the dust settled from the initial changes to this report after the new Data Standards came out, the HMIS Department met and decided to proceed with the following changes, which are all reflected in this version.

  1. Stop including the version number in the report title because it messes up people's report scheduling. Instead record the version number in the report's "Description" field.
  2. Cut "Non-DV Anonymous" because it is not a large issue in the Balance of State.
  3. Cut "Income Decrease" because the workflow has changed such that users are not likely to create this as a data quality error anymore. Further, when this is an issue, it is usually not a data quality problem, and it shows on the Quarterly Performance Report (QPR) where the user has the chance to verify the accuracy of the data.
  4. Cut "Housing Status" because the Housing Status field was cut from the ESG and CoC assessment and is, in general, not used anymore. The program types that will be using it will have their own supplemental Data Quality reports.
  5. Change "Questionable Housing Data" from comparing Housing Status, Residence Prior to Entry, and Program Type to only comparing only Residence Prior to Entry and Program Type. The report will now only check to be sure that if your program type has certain eligibility restrictions and an adult client has a Residence Prior to Entry that does not match, it will show here. For example, a client with a Residence Prior to Entry of "Rental No Subsidy" but a Program Type of Rapid Rehousing would show up on this tab.
  6. Move "Missing Entry Exit" from "Data Quality: Entry Exits and Assessments" to "Data Quality: Households and Services" because the logic relies on the agency using Service Transactions and the "Data Quality: Entry Exits and Assessments" report is the larger/slower report.
  7. Clean up the report, eliminating variables and data that are not being used in the final report.
  8. The Summary Page is still broken!! This will be fixed soon.

Versions 3.1-4.0

10/1/2014-12/15/2014: Once HUD released the new Data Standards, this report underwent many changes, including adding functionality to check completeness on all of the new data elements. Other changes are:

  1. Added ability for each report to distinguish between data that falls under the old data collection rules and the new ones. This ensures that all errors on the report only flag for those clients that did not exit prior to 10/1/2014.
  2. Added tabs that check Health Insurance and Disability questions for completion and accuracy.
  3. Split the tabs that check for completion into "At Entry" and "At Exit" sections since some of the data elements are required at Entry and at Exit for certain program types.
  4. Included SSVF data elements and logic in all tabs.
  5. Expanded the "Missing and DKR" report to cover three tabs. The second one (called "Missing & DKR 2") includes new data elements from the new Data Standards. The third one (called "Missing & DKR SSVF Only") which only checks data elements specific to the SSVF program.
  6. Added logic to the Missing & DKR tabs that check for accuracy, finding clients with combinations of answers that would be impossible or highly unlikely.
  7. The Summary Page no longer works.

Version 2.2

8/1/2014: Added Duplicate Entry Exits and Incorrect Entry Exit Type to the Summary page. Also added verbiage to Tab B explaining what "Unlikely" means in relation to data being complete and correct.

Version 2:

7/22/2014: Corrected Missing SSN variable to include those clients with the "SSN Data Quality" field not answered. Also added logic to match the Completion Summary that causes Dates of Birth that are over 0.75 years prior to the Entry Date or where the client age is over 100 to be flagged as "Unlikely". Also added logic to the Missing SSN variable that flags SSN's of 000-00-0000, 111-11-1111, 999-99-9999,  or 123-45-6789 as "Unlikely". Those data elements flagged as "unlikely" will be counted the same as the actual "Missing" data, since it is not valid data.







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