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4.3. HUD Annual Performance Report (the old APR)

This report is located in Public > Balance of State HMIS > APRs > CoC folder. These instructions assume you already know how to run an ART report, and that you have chosen "View Report". However, these instructions also apply if you are using the Schedule Report feature, even if the screenshots will look slightly different.


screenshot of the prompts screen

0625 HUD CoC APR or 631 CoC APR Detail – Report Prompts

1. Leave Select Provider Group(s): defaulted to '-None Selected-' and click on Select Provider(s):

2. Click on Enter Start Date:

3. Click on Enter End Date PLUS 1 Day:

4. Click on Select Entry Type:

5. Click on Enter Adult Age:

6. Leave EDA Provider set to: -Default Provider-

7. Click on Enter Effective Date:

8. Click on Is using the Receiving Income Source field part of your workflow for HUD reporting?

9. Click on Is using the Receiving Benefit field part of your workflow for HUD reporting?

10. Click on Is using the Disability Determination field part of your workflow for HUD reporting?

11. Click on Is using Interim Reviews part of your workflow for HUD reporting?

12. Click Run Query at the bottom of the Report Prompts Box

13. Click on Document at the top left of the report window.

Your web browser will now prompt you to follow the usual steps you use to save a file downloaded from the internet.

The report is a multipage report, stored on your computer, which you can now Open, View, and Print from a PDF compatible program.

To Export to PDF or Excel:

Once you have run the report using View Report, Click the Documents button in the top left of your screen, then choose "Save to my computer as...", then select either PDF or Excel. Your browser will then handle this as it would any other internet download, based on your browser settings.

If you are using Schedule Report, then once the prompts have been filled out and you are to the screen named "Schedule Report", simply select "Excel" for the Report Format field. The Excel workbook will show in your ART Inbox once the job completes.

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