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3.4. Data Quality 2- Needs Services Referrals

Before diving into the Data Quality reports, it is highly recommended that users read the Data Quality Standards document that went into effect November 1st, 2013. The "Data Quality 2- Needs Services Referrals" report should be run MONTHLY.

TO RUN THE "Data Quality 2- Needs Services Referrals" REPORT:

  1. Click the "Connect to ART" link at the top right of your screen.
  2. Navigate the folders to the report: Public > Balance of State HMIS > Data Quality > Monthly.
  3. Click the magnifying glass next to the "Data Quality 2- Needs Services Referrals" report and click "View".
  4. Be sure to answer only the Provider prompt and NOT EDA Provider.
  5. Run it from the beginning of your fiscal year or from the most recent October 1st, whichever comes first, to the current date.
  6. Also, it is important that your "Report End Date Plus One" is the same date as your "Effective Date". If you are not running it on a Rapid Rehousing or PATH or RHY project, you may find it makes the most sense to only run it back to January of 2018 when your region implemented its Coordinated Entry plan.
  7. Click "Run Query".
NOTE: Client data that shows in this report as "Questionable" is not meant to be corrected necessarily- only if you see that the data actually reflects something that is not true. This gives you the chance to double-check this kind of data so that you are not reporting incorrect data. As the description states: Do not change data that reflects reality!

The prompts for this report are very basic: Provider and a date range. As always, your Report End Date should equal your Effective Date.

Below, you will find a screenshot of each tab in the report along with its explanation at the top.

The following two images are from the same tab. If you run the report on an Access Point that has been entering Referrals, you will see the first one with "Yay!" at the end. If you run it on an Access Point that does not seem to have begun using Referrals, you will see the name of that Access Point listed.

The following tab is VERY MUCH up for discussion. If you find a client where your Referral Outcome/Reason and Needs Status/Outcome/Reason are true but not ideal, we *do* want to allow that to be recorded and it should not show here. Please send an email to hmis@cohhio.org if you find this kind of issue.


The final page of the report summarizes the prompts you ran the report with and how many total clients should be showing on the Summary page.

Please report any problems with this report to hmis@cohhio.org or call 614.280.1984 extension 123.

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