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8.2. How to Enter Service Transactions (Step 6 of Services Workflow)

This is Step 6 of the HCRP workflow. It is very important that before you follow these steps and that you have already entered the household's Entry into the program (Workflow - Step 5). This is important because for your services to count in your reporting, the Start and End dates/times of your services must fall between your Entry and Exit dates/times. By following the entire workflow this will happen naturally and no adjustments should need to be made. Step 5 of the Services Workflow leaves you on the client's Summary tab.

  1. Click on Add Multiple Services from the Services dashlet on the Summary tab. Whether you are only adding one Service or multiple Services in one sitting, it's important that you use the Add Multiple Services button.
  2. Check-mark the correct household or specific household members to include in the service.
  3. Record the service Start Date. The End Date will automatically populate with the same date. Leave the End Date so that it matches the Start Date.
  4. Select a Service from the Service Type list.

    If the Service is a financial service:
  1. Click Add Funding Source:
  2. Click the icon next to HCRP to add it as a Funding Source.
  3. Enter the Amount.
  4. Click Calculate.
  1. Select Status of Need and answer Fully Met.
  2. Select Outcome of Need and answer Closed.
  3. To record additional Services, click Add Another.
  4. When you are done with services, click Save & Exit.
  5. Click the Client Information tab to return to Summary.

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