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1.3. UPDATED - Coordinated Entry Assessment - January 1, 2019

BoS HMIS Coordinated Entry Update

Effective January 1 there is a minor update to the Ohio BoS Coordinated Entry process in HMIS.

  1. Added TAY-VI-SPDAT (use if single, or pregnant single is age 18-24, in place of VI-SPDAT).  Still use VI-FSPDAT if Head of Household in a couple/family with multiple persons is 18-24.
  2. All VI-SPDATs or consolidated to a Coordinated Assessment page instead of split across multiple assessments
  3. Added Permanent Housing Track to Coordinated Assessment to identify housing plans for clients

Coordinated Entry Assessment

You will see one of these two screens to select the new Coordinated Entry Assessment, without the separate SPDAT assessments.

Inside of an Entry/Exit (Project Start) and Interim Review:

In the Assessment Tab list:

Once you open the Coordinated Entry Assessment you will see:

If you are filling out a completely blank Coordinated Entry Assessment, you should fill in the Date of Birth and Date of Birth Data Type, go to the bottom and click Save, and then come back up to the appropriate SPDAT for your client or head of household. (This should be the exception for most providers, a shelter access point will have created a Project Entry and fill out the HUD assessment before going to the Coordinated Entry Assessment so the Date of Birth will already be answered.  Some Access Point only providers have a modified workflow and may only enter basic client information to produce a referral to shelter and to prioritize the client for permanent housing and may need to enter the Date of Birth.)

Choose the Add button for the correct SPDAT, fill in the answers and Save.

Permanent Housing Track

Don't fill in the Permanent Housing Track field when you are filling in the Coordinated Entry Assessment at initial contact or project entry with the client.  You should answer this field via an Interim Review after scoring and prioritizing the client with the housing plan, or if after a few days in project it is clear that the client is in a solid housing plan with a landlord or family and won't need prioritization.

If you have answered a Permanent Housing Track for a client and that option falls through, you will need to create another Interim and set the Permanent Housing Track back to --Select so the client will show up in the prioritization process and still needing housing.

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