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5.3. Diversion Screening Tool

COHHIO Diversion Screening Script

Fill out the HMIS Diversion Form prior to completing this process.


Name: _______________________________             Date: ________________________

Staff: Explain the purpose of the discussion and that you are there to assist people in finding an immediate place to stay. Encourage them to talk about the immediate crisis and the steps that led up to it. Before you discuss anything else, establish whether the person or household is in immediate danger. Explore this issue before you move on to any other discussion.

Use the following prompts to move the conversation along. Allow them to lead the conversation.

Part One: Context

Only continue if the household is literally homeless or at risk of homelessness within seven days prior to the potential housing crisis.

Part Two: Action Plan

Staff: Consider what options does this household have? What can you do to assist them? If diverting them to temporary solutions is possible or preferred, let the household know their options and review any follow up that would be needed. If the household is seeking to access the shelter system, let them know what this will mean, and give a summary of the pros and cons of this form of temporary accommodation.  


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