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5.2. AP Provider Diversion Workflow and Training Video

AP Provider Diversion Workflow

Coalition on Housing and Homelessness in Ohio

  1. Client presents or calls the access point with a housing crisis meeting the Diversion definition:

    1. During business hours, proceed to step 2.
    2. During off hours, if a client is in need of emergency shelter and a bed is available, provide the client with shelter. Once the access point reopens, proceed to step 3 during business hours

  2. Discuss HMIS Data Privacy Notice & Consent and HMIS Release of Information

    1. on the phone- Verbal agreement
    2. In person- applicants signature is required

  3. Staff works with Head of Household (HoH) to complete HMIS Diversion Form

  4. Begin the diversion conversation using and completing the Diversion Screening Script

  5. If the client is diverted follow the HMIS Diversion Workflow Diversion Workflow 2019 Service Transaction Model

  6. If the client is not diverted at all follow the Coordinated Entry Workflow


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