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3.1. About Correcting Your Data

Throughout the Data Quality reports, you will notice various words used to describe your data- words like "Missing", "Incorrect", "Questionable", etc. Where there is something to be done about it, users are expected to collect and correctly enter all client data. But sometimes there is not a way to collect a piece of data or there is an exceptional situation, and that is expected and ok, to a degree. Above everything, we want the data that goes into HMIS to be true. If a Destination either wasn't collected, or the client didn't know or refused, then your data should reflect that. It will show up on your Data Quality report, but not everything on the Data Quality report needs to be fixed. Thus, the clients listed in your reports are not meant to be corrected necessarily and in every case. And on the other side, HUD counts any "Data not collected", "Client doesn't know", and "Client refused" data as "Missing". They have thresholds for missing data, however, because they expect a certain amount of missing data, but the threshold is low enough that where possible, every data element should be attempted for every client.

For the Balance of State, when we are assessing Data Quality "points" on your CoC competition or for the quarterly Top Ten Perfect Data Quality list, we only count "Missing" and "Incorrect" data as being a negative (excluding Destination). Questionable data is just that: we're questioning it, realizing that it could be accurate.

If there are any questions about this balance between truth in your data and aiming at perfection, please give us a call so we can talk about it! Above all, we want your data to reflect the truth.

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