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6.1. What is the VI-SPDAT?

The VI-SPDAT 2.0 is a prioritization tool developed by OrgCode Consulting, Inc. This tool has been adopted by the Ohio BoS as the common prioritization tool to meet HUD's requirements for Coordinated Entry.

Clients entering the Ohio BoS homeless services system should be assessed immediately if:

They are the Head of Household (HoH) AND

They are unsheltered OR

They are a Transition Age Youth (aged 18-24) OR

They have a previous episode of literal homelessness as defined by HUD.

Clients should be assessed within five to eight days of Entry if:

They are the HoH AND

They have not identified permanent housing.

Before you can assess a client using the VI-SPDAT 2.0, you need to read the VI-SPDAT Training Instructional Guide and pass the VI-SPDAT Online Training Quiz . You also need to view the VI-SPDAT Training Video

and pass the HMIS VI-SPDAT Quiz .


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