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6.1. CoC-APR webinar & basic instructions

Slides for the 4/17/2017 CoC APR webinar presentation are attached.

How to save and/or print the APR is at 14:20.

Basic instructions for running the CoC-APR

The '0625 HUD CoC-APR v29' was retired from ART on April 1, 2017 and should no longer be used.  At that time it was replaced by an updated version of the APR that is built-in to the ServicePoint Reports menu.  All users should be using the CoC-APR that is built-in to the ServicePoint menu. 

Fig. 1 — Opening the CoC-APR

Fig. 2 — Configuring the prompts

Fig. 3 — Building the report

After the APR has finished you can print the APR directly to your printer, or print to a PDF file if you have PDF software configured on your computer.  More instructions can be found about printing ServicePoint reports here: How to Print Reports from ServicePoint

If you need to submit the APR to the HUD — Sage HMIS Reporting Repository then you will also need to click the Download button after the report has finished being built to save a .ZIP file that you will then upload to Sage.

NOTE: The Download button is only for Sage Repository users. If you just want to print or have a PDF of the APR do not use the Download button.

Additional Information about building the CoC-APR

*Multiple Projects

If you need to run the CoC-APR on multiple projects in one report, you either need have the ability in ServicePoint to select the agency or grant level provider desired and then click the 'This provider AND it's subordinates' checkbox in Fig. 2 step 3, or request to have a Reporting Group created for you and then choose the Reporting Group radio button in Fig. 2, step 3 then click Search to find and select a reporting group that has been added to your account.

Date Ranges Issues

The CoC-APR is designed by HUD to be built on a yearly range that typically would match your grant or renewal cycle.  This allows the report to properly calculate Annual Assessment requirements for long-stayer programs.  However, any project can build and use the CoC-APR on any date range.  Keep in mind though, if you are a PSH or TH program and build the report on a different date range than your grant or renewal cycle you may see false errors in the Income at Annual Assessment questions.  There may also be issues with any project building the CoC-APR on a range other than annual, particularly APR Questions 8, 22, 23 and 27.

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6.4. How to Print Reports from ServicePoint