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3.2. Data Quality Monitoring Process

During the summer of 2016, the Balance of State HMIS Department presented a webinar on a new Data Quality Monitoring process. You can find the slides here. Following is the written process which will remain updated as things change over time.

Monthly, the Balance of State HMIS team will run a version of the Data Quality report on ALL projects. This report will return the number of Clients with Missing or Not Correct data, and the number of Households in an error state. The providers will then be ordered by the number of clients and households in error. This list will be reviewed by the HMIS team and CoC staff monthly. The five or six providers with the highest number of clients and households in error (referred to as "The Last Five" in the slides) will be contacted by the HMIS team so that we can work through the issues over the next month or so.

Also monthly, the Balance of State HMIS team will run a CoC-wide Desk Time report on the past year. The providers with the highest median Desk Times will be contacted by the HMIS team so that we can work through the issues.

Quarterly, the Balance of State HMIS team will look at the data from the report described above, but instead of looking at those providers with a lot of issues, we will be looking at those with perfect Data Quality. Since there are so many providers with perfect Data Quality, we will decide how to organize our Top Ten list each quarter. Examples may be HMIS Top Ten by Most Clients Served or HMIS Top Ten Transitional Housing Projects. We will check the providers that land on this list against the Desk Time report to be sure that none of them have excessive Desk Times. Once the group has agreed who should be in the Top Ten list, an email will be prepared and sent out to the listserv with the announcement.

Should a provider not show improvement on the Data Quality report from one month to the next, the HMIS team may recommend that the provider be placed on a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) through the Balance of State CoC. Since the Desk Time median will not show immediate improvement even if the provider immediately takes all necessary steps to enter their clients within 5 days of program entry, we will keep up with who we have contacted already and notice whose Desk Times are not improving. These providers may also be recommended for a QIP.



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